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Title The Future Of College Of Education System In Nigeria: The Role Of Reforms And Innovations
Journal Of New Trends In Teacher Education (JONTTE). January Vol. 2(1)
Authors Nwokocha, Chikpanim, William-yobo, Charity B.
Published on 04 January 2019     Pages: 43-55     Article Id : JONTTE-114    
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This paper focused on the future of college of education in Nigeria: the roles of
reforms and innovation. It also examined the concept of colleges of education in
Nigeria, reforms and renovations in teacher education; purpose of teacher
education, constraints to reforms and renovations in teacher education;
towards restoring the future of colleges of education through reforms and
renovations. In order to restore the future of our teacher educations it was
recommended that: professional development programs should be organized for
teachers to retain their relevance with societal development trends; reforms in
teacher education should be adequately planned and implemented accordingly;
educational experts should be given the chance to plan education
professionally; and reforms in education should involve stakeholders as to
reflect their ambition and aspirations and also to ensure their involvement to
facilitating the reform process.