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Title Impact Of Colleges Of Education On The Growth And Development Of Nigerian Citizens In The 21st Century: Constraints And Possibilities
Journal Of New Trends In Teacher Education (JONTTE). January Vol. 2(15)
Authors UNOBUNJO, C.M.Ed, ATU, A. S. M.Ed
Published on 11 January 2019     Pages: 218-231     Article Id : JONTTE-128    
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Countries of the world are bracing up and positioning for the challenges of the
modern life of this 21st century. Nigeria should not be an exception. Highly
effective Colleges of Education and improved students' outcome should be the
key objectives of government. Based on this, the paper examined the concepts of
education and development, the College of Education in 21st century Nigeria
historical development of Colleges of education and, the mandate, the
implications and constraints for citizenship growth and development.To equip
the teaching with the necessary skills, intellectual and professional background
that will be adequate enough for their assignment and adapt to the changing
world of 21st Century, there is the need to properly invest in teacher education,
whose profession promote, encourage and implement good educational policies
that will enhance citizenship growth and development. Based on this, the paper
recommended that government should adequately fund the educational sector
system as well as deal with the issue of corruption in the Colleges of Education.