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Title Critical Issues In Nigerian Education Today: The Family Factor In Educational Re-orientation
Journal Of New Trends In Teacher Education (JONTTE). April Vol. 4(37)
Authors Charles, Chukwuedo Nathaniel
Published on 9 April 2020     Pages: 441-448     Article Id : JONTTE-150    
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Education they say begins at birth and ends at death, thus the role of the family in the entire education process cannot be over emphasized. In the most recent times, there has been an outcry by successive governments in Nigeria lamenting over the declining rate in moral values evidenced by the increasing wave of crimes in the country such as corruption, kidnapping, armed robbery, cultism, prostitution, rape, advance free fraud, get rich quick syndrome etc ,ravaging the entire country. Nowadays values such as hard work, decency, patriotism honesty, truthfulness, accountability, uprightness to mention but few have now become a scarce commodity in our families and the society at large. The consequences of these declining moral values on our families, education and the entire nation cannot be over emphasized that one began to wonder the type of education that our children are getting. Consequent upon these findings, it is recommended that the teaching of family values be incorporated into the secondary school curriculum, government should ensure that all secondary schools have qualified guardian counselors and adequate legislation be by government to punish offenders.