April 2020 | JONTTE

Corresponding Author E-mail: deltacopem1@yahoo.co.uk
Published: 9 April 2020


This paper examines the need to enhance quality in Teacher Education in Nigeria. This is necessary because of the changes in the globe. For our educational system to meet up with existing trends, there is need to examine the need to change our teacher education. Nations across the globe have made dramatic changes over the past decades especially with the emergence of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Some countries are still behind this area in curriculum reform, pedagogy and training of teachers. Based on the above, there is need to enhance quality in Teacher education in order to meet with the demand of current global trend. This will also enable the Nigerian teacher compete favourably with others across the globe and also contribute meaningfully to national development. Concept of teacher education, concept of supervision, the importance of effective supervision, problems of teacher education, strategies of teacher education, quality in teacher education, the need for quality teacher education and strategies to enhance quality in teacher education were highlighted. Some recommendations were also made from the conclusion which include – all administrators of teacher education should be exposed to in-service training, the government should provide enough motivational strategies needed for effective supervision.


Enhancing Quality, teacher education and effective supervision:

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