April 2020 | JONTTE

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Published: 9 April 2020


This paper reports on a study that examined the implications of street hawking on the future career ambitions of children in Nigeria. Children hawking in the street is a common practice in Nigeria especially in urban areas. The children are made to sell, carrying heavy loads on their heads for several hours during or after school. This qualitative study employed the case study design where the purposive sampling approach was used to select 54 participants (40 school children and 14 drop-outs) between the ages of 10 to 17 found hawking around two roundabouts in Effurun metropolis participated. 3 research questions guided this study. Data were collected through oral interviewing of the participants by the researcher. Content analysis and descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data. The findings show a lot of negative implications hawking has on the children’s future career. 22 (40.7%) of the children would like to study science courses in the university; but 5 out of the 22 were already school drop outs; 47% of the children do not attend school regularly as a result of hawking; 82% do not have time for assignments; also 100% did not enjoy hawking and express desire to stop because of the dangers they face. Recommendations and suggestions were made as an academia based on the findings of the study on how to stop children from street hawking because of the negative implications it has in the attainment of their future career ambitions.


Street hawking; Children’s Future Education; Career ambitions

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